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We, Peter Hirs and Marja van den Eijnden, are the proud owners of "La Cacatúa Lodge", charming small hotel /Bed & Breakfast. For years we dreamed of running a small hotel in Costa Rica a country where you can enjoy in peace and tranquility all that nature has to offer.

In 2007 we took the plunge, sold our furniture and home, left everything behind and moved to Costa Rica. Now after two years we have realized a beautiful and comfortable bed & breakfast and we invite you to share it with us and our Moluccan Cockatoo after whom the lodge is named. Kareltje our Cockatoo is more at home in the sunny tropics than in the chilly Netherlands.

We would like to contribute to the beautiful nature in Costa Rica to maintain and are therefore in a responsible way in energy and water. We also grow our own fruit and vegetables and recycle as much as possible products.


We are Members of
Adventure Hotels of Costa Rica